Operations consulting.

Fully qualified and experienced staff are available for all CMMISM training and support activities. Instructors are all able to relate CMMISM to the European environment and ensure Business Benefits are realised.

Advanced planning.

Complete planning and management support for establishing and implementing a process improvement initiative within an organisations is provided. Long term consultant support is also available if required.

Formal SEI authorized CMMISM Introduction Training

Provided by fully qualified instructors on-site for classes of between 10 – 20. Each student will be registered with the SEI as having completed this course (this course is a pre requisite for becoming a Appraisal Team Member (ATM) or Lead Appraiser).


P3 regularly provide open Introduction to CMMISM training courses date of which are published on the home page.

We are also happy to work under your organizations CMMISM Partnership agreements or independently under our own whichever is more appropriate.

Process Areas Specific Training

We can also offer Process Area (PA) specific training to help coach projects/organizations into relating CMMISM to their business and processes.


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