SCAMPI Appraisals

Readiness Reviews.

Depending on the maturity and experience of the organisation at least one but normally 2 – 3 readiness reviews are performed to ensure the organisation is fully prepared for a formal appraisal. A clear Go – No Go recommendation is provided.

Assessment Team Training.

Formal SCAMPI Team training is provided over 2 days to ensure the team is competent in the SCAMPI method and any appraisal specific issues provided.

PII Document review.

Review of the organisations prepared Process Implementation Indicators and finalisation of the Appraisal plan

Onsite Appraisal.

The formal onsite period consisting or interviews and rating of the organisation along with Preliminary and final findings with results recorded with the CMMI Institute.

Final Report.

A formal written report detailing all results to the practice level.

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