Management Training

 Management Briefings

 Key Benefits

  1. Provide management with a clear understanding of the impact and commitment needed to have a successful CMMISM Process Improvement initiative.
  2. Guidance on choosing realistic timescales and targets for return on investment.
  3. Benefit from experience of other successful process improvement initiatives giving a head start to a successful improvement program.

All staff have had real ‘Hands On’ experience of successfully implementing CMMISM as process improvement managers.


Our lead appraisers have all held senior posts in various organizations during their careers and can relate directly to executive issues. They are well versed in the need to tie process improvement into Return On Investment (ROI) and the importance of senior management sponsorship. All have direct hands on experience of what it takes to develop, roll-out, implement and monitor successful improvement programs.

Initial Management Team Briefing

A 1 hour presentation to Directors on the benefits of CMMISM and Process Improvement. It identifies the implications and impact CMMISM will have on senior management and outlines a plan and schedule for achieving success in CMMISM and Process Improvement.

Management Team Workshop

A Half Day activity developing and tailoring a implementation plan for Process Improvement. Particular focus is on tying process improvement into business benefit and identifying early warning indicators to demonstrate achievement.

Advanced Management Team Briefing

Similar to the initial format and duration but concentrating on higher maturity issues such as change management and statistical process control issues. Focusing on tying theses to business benefit and Return On Investment (ROI).

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