Traditional Pheasant and Partridge shooting set in the heart of Perthshire

pheasantsJohn personally manages the day to day running of Logiealmond and is on hand at every shoot day. This ensures you and your guests have a relaxed, informal and memorable day.

John is very happy to alter packages to suit your own individual requirements.

Catering can be arranged on a bespoke individual basis.  Packages can be created to include gun hire, cartridges, transport and accommodation.

Classical Driven Days

Dates are available from early September until the end of January, for driven Pheasant and Partridge  for teams of up to 10 guns. The bags range from 100+ to 400+ depending on species and time of year. Single days offer a variety of shooting challenges, whilst back to back days ensure a fabulous selection of different styles of drives, throughout both days.

High fast birds present a challenge to even the most experienced gun, with a consistency of quality throughout the day’s shooting.

Shoot packages do not include catering – which allows you to arrange bespoke catering direct.  Breakfast and lunch can be served in the warm welcoming stone shooting Lodge at Morningside.

Traditional Rough/Walked Up days

sandraThe main season is from early September (October for Pheasant) until the end of January, but out with this there is always the chance to shoot rabbit and wood pigeon.

Rough, Walked up days are available on Logiealmond. These days are keeper led and for teams of 4 – 9 guns, with expected bags of 50 – 100+ of mixed species  – pheasant, woodcock, partridge, duck, snipe, pigeon and rabbit.

The terrain will vary, but is not too strenuous and includes moorland, game crop, bracken banks and woodland.

Experienced dog handlers will be on hand to flush fur and feather, making it a very exciting day.

Catering is not included for Walked up days, but can be arranged if requested.

Individual Guns

On occasions there is opportunity for individual guns, or a smaller group of guns to make up a full team, please contact John with your details, and he will try his best to work something out for you. 



Trained shooting dogs are welcome to work and retrieve shot birds in and around the peg, and the other guns, however as there will be professional pickers-up in attendance, we request that they are free to pick up the majority of the birds that are shot.